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Get Unemployment Benefits in Oregon

woman applying for unemployment insurance

Unemployment insurance is money that helps people who have lost their jobs while they search for a new one. If you don’t have a job or are only working part-time and are ready, willing and able to work, you might be able to get unemployment insurance benefits. Find out if you qualify for benefits.

How Unemployment Insurance Works in Oregon

You need to file a claim before you can get the benefits. You should file a claim as soon as you are unemployed. Once you are approved, you can receive a check every week for up to 26 weeks. (If you find a job within 26 weeks, you will stop getting checks, and if you earned less than $7,878 in the past 12 months, you may receive benefits for a shorter amount of time.) You have to confirm each week that you are looking for a job to get a check. Learn more about claiming unemployment benefits in Oregon.

How to Apply for Benefits

The application form and instructions are available online in English and Spanish.

You will need to return the application to a state employment office (you can also apply in person at a state employment office). Find the office nearest you.

Downtown Portland Office
State Of Oregon, Employment Department
Unemployment Benefits
1433 SW 6th Avenue
Portland, OR 97201
Phone: (503) 731-3429

How to Claim Weekly Benefits

Get more information about claiming your weekly benefits once you’ve been approved.

How Much Money You Can Get

The amount of benefits you receive depends on how much money you made in the past 12 months. You can’t get less than $101 or more than $434 a week.

How You Can Lose Your Benefits 

There are things you can do that will make you lose your benefits or be disqualified (like not looking for work while you’re receiving unemployment insurance).

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